Use conveyors - you will remove chips smoothly and save money

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Old manner of machine and chips cleaningA new hinged steel belt conveyor or a scraper conveyor can cost, for example, 4 000 EUR. Of course, it can be much less, or much more, depending on its size and design. However, for example, let's stick with the price 4 000 EUR.


Average hourly rate on machining center (24 – 60 EUR):
Average 40 EUR
Average time of manual collection of chips (0.25 hrs / 1 shift):
0.5 hrs / 2 shift operation
Company loss on time spent for manual collection of chips:
20 EUR / day
A new hinged steel or scraper conveyor – purchase:
4 000 EUR
Fraction between the purchase price and time lost on manual collection:
200 working days
The result shows that, if we forget about the electricity cost and common maintenance, after installation of a hinged steel or scraper conveyor, the chip conveyor is, in fact, paid for after approx. 200 working days (approx. 10 months). Then, it only brings you savings, or (if you like) profit created by the employees due to the fact that they do not have to collect the chips from the machining device.