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Hinged steel belt conveyors (MBC) or scraper conveyors (DFC)

Chip - scrap conveyors including coolant tanksChip conveyors with coolant tankScrap conveyor including coolant tank
Scraper conveyors with tank (DFC)Chip conveyors with coolant tank (MBC)
Hinged steel belt conveyorScraper conveyorMetal hinge belt conveyor okuma
Hinged steel belt conveyors (MBC)Scraper conveyors with tank (DFC)Hinged steel belt conveyors (MBC)

Manufacturing areas

New production hall insideNew production hallCrane
New production hallCranes in new production hall

From production and assembly

Assembly of heavy duty conveyorsWelding of our productsAssembly of chip conveyors
Welder - weldingAssembly of chip conveyors

Packing and dispatch

Standard packaging of conveyorsComplete packaging of chip conveyorsLoadding of chip conveyrs
Complete packaging of conveyorsLoading of conveyors