Non woven filter fabrics

The heart of filtration of coolants, cutting oils, and liquids

Filter fabricFiltering liquids using filter fabrics is the most universal method of filtration with high effect at very low operation costs. When machining, it does not matter if you are machining steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum or other materials. The filter fabric safely catches the residual impurities (e.g. fine chips, saw dust, etc.) and only quality purified liquid remains. Our BROXFIL CPBF drum belt filters will allow you to filter not only coolants, but also oils and other liquids, depending on how you use them. If you do not have your own suitable tanks upon which you can attach our drum belt filters, we will supply you our BROXFIL CPBFT compact paper belt filtration units.

We use the following filter fabrics in our belt filters:

Filtration fabrics100 % POLYESTER – grammage (weight g / m²): 45 *; 60 * (non calendered our indication BXPF) and grammage 70 * (calendered on one site - our indication BXPL)
100 % VISCOSE – grammage (weight g / m²): 23 *; 30; 35; 40; 45 *; 55; 70 * (our indication BXV)
The grammages marked with an asterisk are used the most often.
Standard build length for our BROXFIL belt filters are 100 m, but we can supply builds up to 150 m.

Generally applies – the larger the grammage of the filter fabric – the greater density – the smaller the residual impurities in the filtered liquid – but the smaller flow rate of the liquid through the filter fabric.

Orientation values of filtration effect

Filter fabric indicationGrammage (weight) of filter fabric (g / m²)Residual impurities in liquid (filtration effect)
BXV 23 *23
BXV 303040
BXV 353535
BXV 4040
BXV 45 *; BXPF 45 *4525
BXV 555520
BXPF 60 *6015
BXV 70 *; BXPL 70 *70
The grammages marked with an asterisk are used the most often.

Examples of using filter fabrics

Coolants and cutting emulsions and other liquids, with the addition of large solid impurities such as, for example, chips created when machining on CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, machining centers, carousels, etc., must be pre-filtered before entry to belt filters. For a gross pre-filtration, it is very suitable to use our chip conveyors, or intercepting filtration baskets, which are typically located in the tanks by the machining devices.

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BXV 23
BXV 30
BXV 35
BXV 40
BXV 45
BXV 55
BXV 70
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