BROXFIL CPBFT - coolant emulsions and oils compact paper belt filters with tank

Our drum filtration systems it is compact solution of liquid filtration

Connecting the BROXFIL drum belt filters and our tanks creates a compact filtration system. All the advantages and options of application of the BROXFIL CPBP filters remain, and, in addition, you gain:

  • Very high quality tanks of various volumes.
  • Individual equipment pursuant to your needs (low pressure pumps, high pressure pumps, pressure valves, water marks, level gauges, oil skimmers,…). You can select all this yourself in our well organized demand form below.
  • Optional placement of the belt filter either lengthwise or perpendicular (must be specified in the demand form).
  • Vast options of application.

Type indication and dimensions

Filtration unit BROXFIL CPBFTWe offer 3 basic dimension types of complete filtration systems (BROXFIL drum belt filter + tank). Each individual type can be adjusted pursuant to your requirements, or we can prepare an individual dimension and volume solution for you. Click on the drawing to zoom in.

 BROXFIL tank* Flow rate L / min.
Dimensions of complete filtration unit (mm)
TypeEmulsion** OilTank volume*** InletABCDEF
CPBFT 130 / 500max. 130max. 65500 litersDN 32670850140016506651500
CPBFT 230 / 650max. 230max. 115650 litersDN 328701050140016506651500
CPBFT 400 / 1100max. 400max. 2001100 litersDN 5012001380171019706651830
CPBFT 400 / 1400max. 400max. 2001400 litersDN 5012001380171019708001965
A smaller belt filter can be, after adjustment, placed on a larger tank.
Belt filter can be rotated by 90° - must be specified in the demand form.
The electric switchboard can be located on the tank and, thus, narrow the ground profile of the system.
* These are only orientation values of flow rate. The flow rate depends, besides others, on grammage of the used filter fabric and amount of impurities in the liquid.
** Oil viscosity 20 mm² / s
*** Size and type of inlet. A standard is a mouthpiece with internal threading G 1 1/4" (DN 32); G 2" (DN 50). Upon an agreement with the customer, we can prepare a different type of connection, e.g. via flange, and place the inlet to suit, for example, the gravity flow of oil.

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