Tipping mobile waste skips - double bottom

Cutting liquid, or other liquid, is separated in a tank

  • Tipping waste skips – with double bottom and liquid drain.
  • There is removable top cover with holes diameter 8 mm. We can change diameter of the holes according to your requirements.   
  • They are equipped with a set of wheels with diameter 200 mm Polyamide (2 x swivel with brake, 2 x fixed). The polyamide wheels are suitable for flat areas.

This type of tipping skip can be used for the disposal of chips created when machining using a coolant or anywhere else you need to separate a liquid from solid particles.

Tipping waste skips - types and dimensions

  • Self dumping waste skipsA = max. length.
  • B = max. width.
  • C = max. height.
  • X = distance between axis of profiles for lift truck's forks (800 mm or 830 mm).
  • Outside dimensions of profiles for lift truck's forks (180 mm x 85 mm).
TypeTipping skips nameLength A (mm)Width B (mm)Height C (mm)Volume (liters)Capacity (kg)
VKDDP-600Tipping mobile skips with double bottom156010701070600800
VKDDP-900Tipping mobile skips with double bottom1560157010709001000

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