Hinged steel belt chips conveyors MBC

You machine - we take care of chips and their removal

Hinged belt chip conveyor MBC The hinged steel belt chip conveyors are equipped with a hinged steel conveyor belt, on which the chips, other cuttings, small products, scraps, forgings or waste fall and are taken away, thanks to cross transmitters, to the prepared collection container (tipping waste skips).

We offer the following pitches of the belt elements:

  • 1.5" (38.1 mm). Height of the load section of the conveyor from 118 mm!!
  • 2.5" (63.5 mm). Lower or higher profile. Special belts for hard machining.
  • 6" (152.4 mm). For heavy duty, roughening shops, press shops, recycling.

The metal hinge belt is, in case of 1.5" and 2.5" pitches, assembled (not welded) which allows its quick disassembly, eventual replacement of damaged elements and repeated assembly.

Conveyor belts and its frequency in using

The most requested is a full metal hinge pimpled belt. The pimples prevent the chips from sticking to the belt. On the contrary, the full apron plates prevent from draining the fine chips through the belt. In combination with a spring scraper or air knife, this type of belt is also suitable for aluminum chips.
In applications requiring a larger flow of coolant, we use a perforated belt when the type of chips allows.
However, in many cases, a compromise is necessary, and we choose a combined belt.
The metal hinge belts are fitted with set of standard, serrated and wiping cleats.
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How do I simply choose a correct conveyor type?

Choose the conveyor type based on the type of chip and transported material, or send us your demand directly.

In addition, for maximum life-cycle of the chip conveyors, we offer:

  • The tracks and the bottom reinforced with highly wear-resistant material.
  • Thermal-treated belt and main axles.
  • Welded eyes of the hinges.
  • Cleats in the shape of a reversed "V"
  • Simple chip catchers preventing pulling the chips under the belt.
  • Spring chip scrapers preventing pulling the chips under the belt.
  • Air knives preventing pulling the stuck (especially aluminum) chips under the belt.
  • Electric equipment and control – switchboards on customer's request.
  • Pumps, watermarks, level gauges, skimmers of oil from liquid surface, etc.
  • Height and volume optimized containers for chips.
  • Filtration device for filtering coolant emulsions and cutting oils.
  • And 12 other advantages.

Connect our hinged steel belt chip conveyors - and our:

You will get a complete system for chip removal and filtration of coolant emulsions or cutting oils.

The design of our belt conveyors allows changing the hinged steel belt conveyor to a scraper conveyor by a simple replacement of the conveyor belt for the drag flight chain and changing the direction of engine revolutions.